What Happens If You Remain Sleep-Deprived Regularly?
What Happens If You Remain Sleep-Deprived Regularly?
The importance of sleep can be compared to the bare necessity of life like food shelter and clothes. Because if you eat well and then sleep well you are living a healthy lifestyle.
Due to lack of time, additional responsibilities and commitments, most of us often compromise on our sleep regularly. Usually, 7 to 9 hours of sleep is sufficient for health. People often end up saying that a hectic lifestyle doesn't allow us to take sufficient sleep. Skipping your daily sleep on a regular basis may jeopardize your health.
Because you must have heard. If you lose money, it’s okay if you lose your health it’s not okay if you lose your peace of mind its terrible.
Your body needs to relax when you sleep your body coordinates with the brain for physical and mental health.
Sometimes, the damage caused due to sleep deprivation can be irreparable. For instance, road accidents can happen due to a small nap while driving. Your snoozing sleep deprives eyes while working tell others that you are vulnerable to commit a blunder. You can be exhausted rather soon. At the end of the day, you become irritated.
If you don’t sleep well there are numerous ill-effects
1. Less productivity at work.
2. A really bad cocktail of anxiety and irritation.
3. Imbalance in Personal and professional space
4. Hampers mental and physical well being.
5. Tiredness and lack of Interest in Social and cultural activities.
6. Affinities towards unhealthy food
7. Obesity, diabetes and other health-related issues.
The Bottom Line
Ultimately, it’s only you who are ruining your life. So, dear friends you need to be disciplined. You have to manage your time. You must avoid an unhealthy way of living that makes you an insomniac or sleep-deprived.

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