Top 8 Health Care Tips During Pregnancy
Top 8 Health Care Tips During Pregnancy
A pregnant lady needs to care most in the family. Thanks to the medical facilities and doctors the mother-child health care are easy now. Under the doctors' supervision and kin care, mother-child health care is very effective in saving them from any danger.

Things Need To Be Remembered During Pregnancy

1. You must tell your doctor everything related to your diet, doubt & fear, medical condition, past surgery if you had. This will help your doctor keep a record for safe delivery.
2. Do not go to places where people smoke. The smoke comes out from smokers are extremely harmful to the baby in the worm. If you smoke, you must stop smoking for the sake of your baby. If you consume alcohol, you must quit drinking.
3. If you are a working lady, you can continue to work during pregnancy, provided that your boss and other staff members are helpful and understanding to you. You just need to take breaks during work. Continuously sitting or standing in a place can be problematic. 
4. Avoid long-distance travelling. Do not take stress. Do not try to be overprotective for you & your baby care. 
5. The diet should be planned according to the gynaecologist (The Doctor) because your doctor can suggest you well according to your test reports and medicines. You can also take a professional dietitian or nutritionist help to know what food ingredients can be taken for a healthy pregnancy.
6. During pregnancy and after pregnancy, women fear to be out of the shape. Pregnancy safe workouts are advisable for that.
7. There are so many tests such as -blood count, blood group and antibodies, urine, random blood glucose, hepatitis B, HIV, fetal growth, length of the cervix test to check the placenta, etc.
These tests should be periodically screened in three different stages of pregnancy.
8. During pregnancy, numerous ladies experience with at least some level of urinary incontinence, which is the automatic loss of pee. It is better if, you use Adult Diapers.

The Bottom Line
Motherhood cannot be confined to have babies only. The mother's feeling is unfathomable. It is the most selfless relationship. Pregnant women need to take care of themselves to ensure safe and healthy delivery of a baby. 

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