Top 3 Incontinence Products For Managing Urinary Incontinence
Top 3 Incontinence Products For Managing Urinary Incontinence

There are millions of people suffering from urinary incontinence. Most of them are aware that there are various methods available to help them manage incontinence. 

But some don’t even know that there are many highly effective adult incontinence solutions are available in the market and they give patients back their dignity by allowing them to enjoy their lives.

As we know everyone’s needs and situations are different, there are different types of incontinence products available in the market:
1. Disposable Adult Diaper: They are highly absorbent Diapers and handle different levels of incontinence. Available in different sizes.
  • Used by those who have lost their bladder control to a large extent.
  • Recommended for those who need a frequent change of diapers.
2. Adult Pull ups: They look like regular underwear. Adult pull ups for heavy urinary incontinence are commonly used among the elderly. Pullup style of diapers gives you the feel of normal underwear with the comfort and leakage protection people with heavy incontinence require.

3. Underpads: Underpads are pads or sheets which are designed to absorb fluid and protect the surface they are placed on. Underpads are very helpful to keep our beds and other surfaces dry. Mostly used by elderly patients, post delivery, bedridden, paralyzed, coma patients and Mentally Ill patients.


These incontinence products are highly absorbent, very comfortable, easy to wear. To top it all it is antibacterial and soft that protects your skin from infection. Disposable diaper is better than cloth diapers. These are the personal hygiene products specially made for managing incontinence.

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