How To Use Disposable Underpads For Adults?
How To Use Disposable Underpads For Adults?

Disposable Underpads are also known as disposable bed pads, chair pads and bedsheets. It can be used by bedridden, post-delivery, elderly patients, paralyzed and coma patients.

Most people suffering from incontinence are not aware of Underpads that’s the reason they face problems while sleeping at night. Generally, people prefer to use adult diapers or adult pull-ups all the time, but Underpads can provide a more comfortable alternative especially at the time of sleeping.

Here are the guides on how to use Underpads properly.

1. Open the product packing with a scissor to cut the edges of the bottom.
2. Grab one pad at a time.
3. Then place pad lengthwise on a bed or any other surface.
4. And to make sure the absorbent surface is up.

For Disposal:
  • Roll the pad securely in a plastic bag sheet and dispose of in a sanitary manner.
  • Wash hands thoroughly.
  • Do not flush it.

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