How to Stay Healthy and Fit After 60
How to Stay Healthy and Fit After 60's?

As the years pass many different things start happening to your body, your skin, bones, and even brain may start to behave differently. You can't ignore ageing which is inevitable for everybody, however, is it possible to keep on smiling through it all? Why not! Taking charge of your health and well-being will help you get through the years with confidence and optimism.

Adopt good habits and a healthy lifestyle that will help you live better perhaps longer. Here are some key points which help you to stay fit after the 60’s.

Maintain a healthy weight and do some form of exercise where you’re making your body work for at least 30-45 min.

Exercise regularly: It will help you to stay physically active and strong. Practice an activity that you enjoy and that will promote your cardiovascular, bone and muscle health, such as walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, etc.

Quit smoking and alcohol: Smoking makes you age faster and is harmful to your health in all sorts of ways. No other action will have as positive an effect on your health as limiting alcohol consumption and cutting out smoking.

Don't neglect yourself: Regular check-ups with your doctor are even more important now.

Learn to relax: Some activities may help you to relax and reduce stress such as yoga or meditation.

Take the time to laugh and enjoy yourself: Spend time with the people you love, go out to see a show and seize the opportunities to have a good laugh!

Follow your doctor’s recommendations: Seeing your health professionals regularly (doctor, dentist, specialist, etc.), following their advice and taking your medications every day as prescribed, are all effective ways to promote longer and healthier life.

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