How Can Cancer Be Cured?
How Can Cancer Be Cured?
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Cancer or malignant growth comes under the treatable disease. Regardless of how dangerous the disease is, there is consistently hope for complete recovery and living a cancer-free life.  With modern surgical technologies' chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the disease is not a death sentence anymore, there can be a life beyond cancer.

Cancer patients doubt themselves about the capabilities of fighting with cancer. It is important that they should not lose their hopes of recovery because they are not alone. There are many who won the battle of cancer. To top it all your family, friends, and doctors' sincere efforts are always there to save your life.

There was a time when the treatments and medical facilities were not up to the mark. Cancer was the ominous word that used to define a painful death. Over the years we have seen the stage -III stage- IV cancer patients respond well to the treatment and living a cancer-free life.

How Can Cancer Be Treated?
The oncologists decide what treatment should be provided to the patients. The doctors examine the patient thoroughly. According to the type of cancer and its spreading stage, the doctor decides the course of action against cancer.
Some people with cancer required only one course of action. But most people have a combination of the following treatments. Treatment of cancer is very painful. Early detection will be having lesser painful treatment.
1. Surgery- the surgeon removes cancer from your body. 
2. Chemotherapy - Usage of uses drugs to kill cancer cells
3. Radiation Therapy- high doses of radiation to shrink tumours 
4. Stem Cell Transplant- Restoring of blood-forming cells in cancer patients. 
5. Immunotherapy- Helping the immune system to fight against cancer.

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