Avoid 10 Foods To Avoid Incontinence
Avoid 10 Foods To Avoid Incontinence
Varsha - Easyfit team
Urge incontinence is also known by an overactive bladder. There are several factors which contribute to this condition. Smoking, lack of fluid content and deficiency in vitamin C are some of the key factors responsible for incontinence. If you are suffering from incontinence Easyfit Adult Diapers can be of great help.
Changing your eating habits can make you less likely to have incontinence. Regulating fluid intake and taking a balanced diet are the two most important factors for avoiding overactive bladder conditions.
•  Caffeinated/Carbonated beverages and foods- Cut down or eliminate caffeine from your diet because it simulates bladder and acts as diuretics. It produces more urine. Soft drinks, soda water, and energy drinks can cause extra trouble.
•  Alcohol - Alcoholic beverages interfere with the working of the brain and the signals bladder to pass urine which leads to dehydration due to the increased amount of urine. Along with alcohol, chocolates and coffee consumption should also be limited.
•  Spicy Food – Regular intake of spicy food irritates the bladder and can cause bladder muscles to spasm.
•  Sugar, Honey and other Sweeteners – Artificial sweeteners as well as natural sweeteners both irritate your bladder and increases incontinence symptoms.
•  Excessive fluid intake – Limit fluid intake to 2 litres per day because excessive fluid intake overfills the bladder.
•  Lack of fluid intake – If you drink less than 1 litre of fluid then will be more prone to bladder infections and irritation.
•  Processed foods – Flavoring agents and preservatives used in processed foods irritate your bladder and can worsen incontinence symptoms. Eat homemade food and natural products to avoid overactive conditions.
•  Tomatoes and raw onion – Tomatoes and raw onions are acidic and irritates your bladder.
•  Citrus Fruits – Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C but they are not good for people suffering from urge incontinence. Citrus fruits like grapes, oranges, lemons, limes, can irritate your bladder.
•  Cranberry Juice – Cranberry is acidic and it makes incontinence symptoms worse. It is good for avoiding urinary tract and bladder infections, but it fails to help the condition of overactive bladder. 
•  Medicines – Medications for heart and blood pressure diseases, muscle relaxants and many other drugs irritates your bladder and can make your urge incontinence condition worst.
Conclusion: Adjust your diet to lower the chances of incontinence. Above 11 tips will help you balance your eating habits.

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