Coronavirus Awareness Prevention & Control
Coronavirus Awareness Prevention & Control
The term corona is used in astronomy. A dense gaseous crown-like structure around the sun which is quite visible during the solar eclipse. The coronavirus has a similar structure on the surface. Due to this similarity in structure, the virus is named corona.

Carona viruses are different types most of them are not life-threatening, they just infect the respiratory tract to cast cold. The new coronavirus is fatal. World Health Organization (WHO) named the disease caused by the coronavirus in the abbreviated form "COVID-19" on February 11, 2020. 

A novel coronavirus is supposed to spread from a wet market located in Wuhan, China. The viruses entered the human body from animals. The animals might get infected from bats because they carry other viruses including very dangerous Ebola viruses. Although, there was no bat found selling live or dead in Wuhan. 

The virus attack has now spread all over the world. It is a global concern. Apart from China, Italy, Iran, Spain South Koria, Germany, France USA, and so many countries are facing a hard time fighting with the disease.


Prevention Of Coronavirus Attack

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