Asthma The Incurable Highly Treatable Disease
Asthma The Incurable Highly Treatable Disease
Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease. Breathing becomes difficult for the patient. Although it comes under incurable disease, it can be controlled to a great extent. The difficulty in breathing caused due to the swelling in the bronchial tubes. The bronchial tubes are the passage of air through which the lungs receive and releases air. The person with asthma periodically suffers from its attack. The person with asthma can be a child or an adult. The disease is not restricted to a particular age group.
Sign & Symptoms
1. Breathing Problem
2. Pain in Chest
3. Wheezing or Whistling while exhaling
4. Troublesome sleep & Uneasiness due to difficulty in breathing.
What Causes Asthma?
The substance causes an allergy is known as an allergen. When allergens come into our body. It induces our body to release a compound organic chemical substance which causes inflammation in the wall of bronchial.
This type of asthma generally happens to kids. Because children's immune system is quite weak compared to adults. The allergies that cause fits of sneezing can also cause asthma in adults, especially in old age. It may happen when our immune system refuses to work against bacteria and virus.
Occupational Hazards
If, you are working in industries like coal mining, gas and chemical industries you are vulnerable to asthma. When you breathe you inhale substances like dust, fumes and other polluted micro-particles. These substances are the factor for causing allergy and asthma.
The condition of Asthma Patient gets worsen when the respiratory virus attacks cause the cold or the flu. Under such a situation the breathing becomes more difficult.
Prevent Attack and Control
It is hard to believe that it has no cure. Once you know what are the asthma triggers, you must try to stay away from the places where the allergic substance is found in abundance.
Smoke and Asthma are a really bad cocktail. Avoid fireworks, smoking and hawan in suffocating area. You must restain from all types of smoke.
Take care of yourself from cold-waves in the winter season. Turn off the fan, AC fan if the weather suddenly changes. Eating cold and sour things can be avoided.
Get vaccinated, take the prescribed medicine and consider immunotherapy to control asthma.
Always keep a Nebulizer with you. Having this can save you from a sudden asthma attack.

The Bottom Line

Although Asthma comes under incurable disease, it can be controlled to a great extent. Precautions, awareness and knowledge are biggest helping hands in managing the Asthma.

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