Alzheimer's Disease Or Senile Dementia
Alzheimer's is a disease that occurs at an old age. The old people suffering from the disease gradually destroy memory and thinking abilities. This is different from normal ageing. Since this is a progressive and irreversible disorder as the disease progresses, the patient's condition gets worst. The patient forgets to perform the simple day to day simple easy task. The family members need to take extreme care of such patients.

What Causes Alzheimer's Disease?

There can be several reasons for causing senile dementia. Some of them are given below:

Symptoms Of Alzheimer's

Can Alzheimer's be fully cured?

Today Alzheimer's is incurable. However, it can be controlled to an extent. Being a progressive and irreversible disorder early diagnosis and better care from the kin can dilute its effects. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore we should eat healthily, exercise regularly and should participate in social activity to stimulate the functional area of the brain.

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